Troubleshoot Quickbooks “The File You Specified Cannot Be Open” Error


While accessing the Company files in Quickbooks Software, If you are getting an error message that says “The file you specified cannot be open” then there is nothing to worry about. These errors generally occur because of some configuration issue in your device. However, the error will not let you access the Company files. So If you have encountered this error then you can follow the method given below to troubleshoot this error quickly.Quickbooks Error

This Quickbooks Error can occur because of several reasons. Hence, In order to successfully troubleshoot this error, we will discuss below what are the possible reasons that can cause this error and how you can fix them.

What are the causes behind this Quickbooks Error?

If you are getting this error, then below listed are some of the possible reasons that can cause this error. You must have a look at these issues to better understand this error. this will eventually help you to fix this error quickly.

  • Damaged or Corrupted files in the Quickbooks Software can lead to this Quickbooks Error.
  • If you are trying to access a file that is opened on multiple servers simultaneously then you are likely to experience this error.
  • Any malicious files or virus on your device can create an issue in opening the company file in Quickbooks.
  • If you are not logged in as an Administrator then you might encounter this error.
  • Incomplete or failed installation of the Quickbooks tool hub Software can also cause this error.
  • If you are using Outdated Quickbooks Software then you are likely to experience this error.
  • Unable to access the folder can also lead to this error.

Methods to fix Quickbooks “The File you Specified Cannot Be open” Error

As we have discussed below, this error can occur because of damaged or missing files in Quickbooks Software.  Hence, you will be needed to resolve all the issues that can cause this error in order to fix this Quickbooks Error. We have listed below the methods that you can follow to fix this error. However, Before starting the troubleshooting process, Make sure to create a backup of the company files.

Method: 1 Try General Solution

Follow these general solutions to resolve the error quickly.

  • Check the status of the file on Other Servers. If the file is opened on other servers then you need to close it first.
  • Make use of the Quickbooks File Doctor tool to repair the damaged Quickbooks File.
  • Run a Complete Malware scan of your device using Anti-malware or security software to remove malicious files or viruses from your computer.
  • Login into your Device as an Administrator to access the company file.
  • If you are using an Outdated version of Quickbooks Software then update it to the latest release.

In general, this error will be resolved after performing these methods. However, If you are still not able to access the Quickbooks Company file then you can proceed to these advanced troubleshooting solutions to fix this error.

Sol: 2 Quickbooks File Doctor ToolQuickbooks Error solution

The Quickbooks File Doctor tool can be used to repair the damaged files of the Quickbooks Software. you need to simply download and install this tool and it will automatically repair the damaged files of the Quickbooks Software. You can follow the method mentioned below to download and install Quickbooks File Doctor Tool.

  • Shut down all the programs and open a browser window.
  • Now go to the Intuit website and open the Quickbooks File Doctor Tool Download page.
  • After this, click on the download link to start the download process and select the location where you want to save the file.
  • Once the software is downloaded successfully, Open the folder where the file is downloaded and then double-click on the installer file to run it.
  • Now follow the prompted instructions to complete the installation process and then open the software.
  • Now browse through the files and choose the damaged files in Quickbooks Software.
  • Select the file and then click on the Scan button.
  • Now, wait until the process completes.
  • Now if you are using Quickbooks Software on Multi-user mode then the tool will ask the version of the file to open it.
  • open the File to check if the error has been resolved or not.

Quickbooks Error This will probably troubleshoot the error completely. You can now successfully access the company files in the Quickbooks Software. However, If you are trying to update the Quickbooks Software to the latest release and you have encountered Quickbooks Error 15270 then you can troubleshoot this error by simply changing the user control Settings.

In case, you need any kind of assistance to troubleshoot the error then you can send your query to the experts at Quickbooks. They will ensure to provide an efficient solution to resolve the error quickly.